Internal regulations

Check-in and check-out

Check-in at the hostel is from 15:00. While checking in, an identity document must be presented, of which the administrator has the right to make a copy.
An identity document is considered to be:

– Passport
– ID-card
– Driver´s license

In order to check in to the hostel, the person being accommodated is required to complete
registration form. All information must be filled in legible handwriting and
signed by the guest of the hostel. The hostel is not obligated to accommodate the visitor who refuses or does not fill out the registration form correctly.
We kindly ask you to check out from your hostel room by 11:00, at latest.
Upon check-out, guests who have received the key card on arrival must leave the key card (door card) in the room, on the table.
Hostel has the right to charge a fine to the customer for losing or not returning the key card – according to the price list 10 euros.
Late check-out is possible if the room is available. For late check-out please contact our customer service in advance:
The late check-out is until 13:00 and costs extra fee of 10 euros.


Accommodation and extra services must be paid in advance according to the invoice when checking in to the hostel. All extra services added during the stay must be paid in advance. Hostel accepts cash payments and all well-known international credit and debit cards. Hostel does not accept any other currency than euros (regarding cash payments), checks or less common credit and debit cards.

Extra person charge

Room prices in single rooms are for one person and in double rooms up to two persons. For an extra person (in Double and Double+ rooms) an additional fee must be paid according to the price list. The Hostel policy allows to invite maximum of two unregistered guests in the room. All guests who are not registered in the hostel must leave by 22:00 at latest.

Accommodation of children

Accommodation for children up to 3 years old staying with parent(s) is free of charge. For an additional fee it is possible to rent a baby bed for a child up to 3 years old (requires pre-booking). An extra charge applies to the accommodation of a child from 4 years old (in Double and Double+ rooms).

Accommodation of underage customers

Accommodation in the hostel without a guardian is allowed for a person who is at least 16 years old. Written consent of a guardian is required for the underage person to stay overnight. Consent can be sent by e-mail or any other written form and must include minors name, date of birth, arrival and departure time, guardians name and contact information. Accommodation of minors is forbidden without following the above requirements. Parent(s) contact information must be added to the booking. The hostel and hostel personal are not responsible for underage customer. A person under the age of 16 can stay in our hostel only with an adult guardian.

Pets in our hostel

Pets are not allowed.


The parking area next to the hostel is allowed only for the hostel customers during their accommodation period (vehicle registration number must be added to the booking). The hostel has the right to tow cars which are parked improperly to the property or which may damage the environment. The parking area is equipped with surveillance cameras. The hostel is not responsible for stolen cars from the parking lot or for any items left in the car.

Quiet hours

Quiet hours at the hostel start at 22:00 and last until 07:00. Disturbing other guests in the quiet hours is not allowed. That is to say – noise/mechanical/light pollution and electronical devices which make strong noise are not allowed during these hours. In the event of a disturbance of other guests, the hotel may fine the guest to cover for the damages. The fine is 100 euros per call, depending on the level of the disturbance.

Safety requirements

It is not allowed to use household appliances brought with you in the hostel rooms (electric or other stoves, fryers, etc.). The electricity used in the hostel is 220 V. It is not allowed to leave electrical heaters unattended and not to storage flammable and explosive substances in the hostel room. It is not allowed to make an open fire (e.g. burning a candle, etc.) inside the hostel rooms.


Hostel follows the principles of a smoke-free hostel. Smoking is permitted only outdoors, in the designated areas. Guests are fined for smoking in a non-designated area on the hostel premises. The fine for smoking in non-designated area is 100 euros.

Public policy

Persons who will violate public order and/or whose behaviour may disturb other visitors, will not be registered in the hostel. Hostel follows all the requirements of maintaining public order, peace and the avoidance of contamination. If the public order is disturbed, the hostel may inform either security workers or the police to resolve the situation. For violating the peace of fellow citizens, a settlement fine is 100 euros per call, according to the level of the violation.

Good manners

We expect our customers to follow the rules established by the society, the good behavioural practices and hostel rules. Violation of the rules may result in the customer being fined similarly as quiet hours disturbance. Hostel staff may ask any hostel guest(s) causing a disturbance to leave the hostel and its premises. Upon leaving, the guest must pay for the booked accommodation and additional services.

Customer responsibility

As our guest, we assume the responsibility and obligation to follow the established rules. You are responsible for intentional or unintentional damage that you or your guest may have caused in the hostel room or in the hostel general premises. The hostel has the right to demand compensation for material damage caused by the customer. The amount of damage compensation is based on the direct damage which was caused, and an extra cost associated with eliminating the damage.

Hostel responsibility

The hostel is not responsible for the loss and destruction of the client´s personal belongings which are left unattended by the client (including in the guest room). The hostel general area rooms and parking area have video surveillance. Security company will help ensure public order in the hostel if necessary. All the issued codes and keys (electronic) what are given to the client from the hostel are not allowed to be passed to third parties. When leaving the room, make sure the door is closed.

Settlement of Claims

The complaint must be submitted immediately, but not later than within two weeks. In the event that the service does not meet the requirements or deficiencies, please forward the claim to the e-mail address, where the petitioner’s name, contact telephone number, order number and a precise description of the claim are indicated. Petitioner must retain purchase records to resolve claims (invoice, contract, etc.) that prove the circumstances of the complaint. Without a supporting document, the hostel may leave the claim unresolved. All claims will be reviewed and the person who submitted the complaint will be contacted as soon as possible, but not later than 15 days after receiving the claim.